To provide better health care facilities at affordable prices to the maximum number of patients Al-Fatima Hospital (AFH) offers delivery packages in Semi-private and Private rooms

The package price for normal and assisted (Forceps, Vacuum, Twins) Deliveries as Follow

Charges INCLUDE in the package price:

  • 2 days admission
  • Labor room
  • Semi-private or private room
  • CTG monitoring
  • Blood Labs
  • Preoperative medicines
  • Intraoperative medicines
  • Surgeon charges
  • Surgery charges
  • Anesthetist charges
  • Anesthesia medicines
  • Operation theatre charges

Charges NOT include in the package price:

  • All charges related to the baby
  • Post operative medications
  • Any consultation with other specialty and out patient charges before admission or after admission
  • Physiotherapy charges
  • Convenience items e.g telephone calls etc
  • Meals
  • Discharge medications
  • Blood group / cross match charges / transfusion of blood products
  • ICU / HDU stay
  • Investigation other then those include in the package
  • Tab Prostin E2
  • Anti D, Inj. Venofer / Monofer
  • Kiwi Omni Cup (Vaccum delivery)

Labour Room

Labour room is the back bone of any hospital because it deals with the lives of two human beings together. Our labour room is the state-of-the-art, fully equipped, international standard & quality care established by highly qualified and experienced obstricians.