Al-Fatima hospital is not-for-profit organization with a vision to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost to all socioeconomic classes.

With an undying commitment to excellence that meets good standards, regulations and quality systems, we make sure that the patient’s needs are met satisfactorily under a single roof.

The hospital excels in all facets of medicine, surgery, diagnostics and medical support services.

AFH has pioneered in a number of specialties such as Gynecology & Obstetrician, Pead’s Medicine & Pediatric Surgery, Neonatology, Urology, Nephrology, General Surgery, Breast Surgery, Infertility, General Medicine, Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, skin disease, physiotherapy etc. These disciplines are headed by highly qualified, specialized and trained doctors.

We take pride in the fact that we serve with compassion, empathy and utmost care. We believe that anyone and everyone who needs medical attention is our concern.

Our Objective

Our objective is to become the most technologically advanced health network in this region.

Our Vision:

  • To be a leading patient care services provider in the city
  • To be a quality healthcare provider to women & children
  • To excel in healthcare services in timely and competent manner and produce the best healthcare professionals.

Our Mission:

Al-Fatima Hospital is:

  • A non-commercial and non-profit organization.
  • Open to everyone and affordable to all.
  • A forum for academics and research.
  • A provider of quality medical diagnosis and care.

We offer affordable and quality medical diagnosis and treatment to all and provide an intellectual forum for academics and research.

Core Values:

Focus on quality, compassion, excellence in health care, education, research and career is fundamental to the ideology and practice of our organization. We pursue integrity, show respect, maintain professional development and support team work.